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Oxford 2022 - Day 3 (Pétanque & Cycling)

Oxford 2022 - Day 3 (Pétanque & Cycling)

Day 3, and a change of venue for Team Ireland as we headed to the Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill) for the Pétanque & Cycling (Time Trial Events). In the Pétanque we had 4 competitors Marie O'Connor, Harry Ward, Mick Dwyer and Charlie Ryan and in the Cycling Time Trial (TT) World Champion John Moran.

See link below for information and history of Blenheim Palace - Wikipedia.

In the Petanque veteran players Marie O'Connor & Charlie Ryan both medalled again. Marie claimed Gold again, adding to her double gold in the golf competitions earlier in the week to make it 3 out of 3 and Charlie in winning Silver completed the full house of Gold - Silver - Bronze.

Video of Silver medal winner Charlie in action

In the Cycle 7k TT, John Moran found the course tough in places but was very happy with his time and the resulting Bronze medal.

Moments after TT John Moran gave his thoughts.

But let us say again…. Transplant Team Ireland is not all about medal success - it is a celebration of life through sport. Medals are great and hard earned, but the real success is each and every athlete who takes part in these Games. Whilst their stories are unique, each share a common bond of facing adversity. Team Ireland applauds all 14 athletes here in Oxford… some will be lucky to win medals but they are all heroes and an inspiration to us all! #respect!

Medal Count: Gold 6 Silver 3 Bronze 9 Total 18

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